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The Off By One Web Browser 3.5

One more free browser, simple but not very attractive
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Off By One Productions, a division of Home Page Software Inc.

The Off by One browser is one more free browser in the growing galaxy of free browsers. One of the advantages of this browser is its lightweight. Its size is only 1.2 MB. Off by One has full support for HTML 3.2. In spite of its small size, it also supports many HTML 4.0 extensions, such as frames. It has secure SSL support from OpenSSL libraries, which enables navigation to https:// websites.

Off by One can be run directly from a CD or a pen drive without having to install it. The browser also has WAV, image animation, and AVI playback capabilities. This browser offers identity protection or anonymous browsing. It has an image zooming feature, with which you will be able to zoom images on web pages. Also Off by One controls pop-ups with the help of its pop-up blocker.

Though it has some advanced features, this browser does not support javascript, applet, plug-in or Flash. Another thing I did not like about this browser is its interface, which is unattractive and very poor if compared to other browsers.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Small and lightweight, hence easily distributable


  • Does not support javascript, applet, plug-in and Flash
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